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  • What is Process Art?
    Process Art allows children to focus on creatively exploring materials, tools, and techniques. The role of the adult is to facilitate and support children’s creative process. Every finished product will look different.
  • Why are process-oriented art experiences important for children?
    Process-oriented art experiences, facilitate exploration, creativity, and relaxation. They stimulate out-of-the-box thinking, self-expression and encourages children to make connections to the world around them. When children engage in art as a process, they have opportunities to predict, plan, compare, and problem solve. They also get to feel a sense of ownership and pride in their original creations.
  • Why might not all the art made be "wall-worthy"?
    Art has an intrinsic value, even if the final product isn’t something you’d want to hang on the wall or save in a scrapbook. Some of the work will be beautiful! When art is a process rather than a product, the value of the activity was in the making of the art rather than in the final product. The value is in the free exploration, creative process, and the hands-on experience.
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